What Flight Attendants Wish They Could Say To Passengers

Flight Attendants frequently don’t have the option to speak their minds. Whether they are managed by policies that govern their actions or are attempting to keep things calm, these workers typically must keep back from totally expressing themselves. That does not suggest there are not things they wish all passengers understood. A few of these ideas might be controversial, while others might benefit everyone who takes a trip by air, even if just occasionally. While most of these comments were made anonymously, for apparent reasons, here are a few of the ideas they wish they could share.

We Can Get Fired For Giving You A Freebie

When it pertains to giving free upgrades, many Flight Attendants` ‘hands are tied. One Flight Attendant specified:

“Different airlines have different rules, but if we modify your seating arrangement or offer you an upgrade we can get fired nowadays. And it’s not worth our jobs. The airline company computer tracks whatever, and big sibling is always watching us.”

Grumbling Won`t Solve Anything

People who are upset about the quantity of leg room, convenience of the seats, or ineffectiveness of the WiFi often vent their disappointments to flight attendants. These staff members have little (if any) power in these circumstances. A flight attendant, speaking about these discussions with guests, said,

“You’re venting, which is great. It won’t alter anything. Talk to the folks who make the decisions and the huge dollars. We didn’t pick the WiFi system. We didn’t choose the leg space. We didn’t choose to charge for particular things. I ‘d enjoy to have it all totally free and spacious and totally reliable!”

C`mon, Be Considerate of The Others

Gate areas are crowded and, for the most parts, everybody is doing their finest simply to exist together, though not everyone makes that simple. As an airline company customer care agent said,

“Cutting your toe nails, flossing your teeth, putting on nail polish, and talking loudly on your cellular phone should not be carried out in public in the gate areas while you’re awaiting your flight.”


Hey Guys, We Are Scared of Turbulence Too!

Nobody is a macho male when it boils down to turbulence.In case you`re wondering what turbulence is, it is basically that spiller of coffee, jostler of luggage, filler of barf bags, rattler of nerves – when the flight becomes bumpy. One flight attendant, in a moment of honesty, wished to share an easy declaration:

“I’m afraid of turbulence, too. “

We Need to Follow The Rules Too

Passengers typically get annoyed when they are informed “you can’t do exactly what you wish to” when flying. However Flight Attendants are needed to follow even more stringent guidelines that they did not create, and are often tasked governing the actions of others.

“We inform them no due to the fact that we are enforcing the guidelines that have actually been made up by our business, not by us personally. The rules are there for a factor– not to make taking a trip harder however to make it much safer,” stated one Flight Attendant.


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