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To be honest, the world of aviation is a tough industry that resists personal plans. It is difficult for most aspiring pilots, especially those in Africa, to stay encouraged against such a background. Many who want to become full time commercial pilots get frustrated along the way because of the huge financial commitment required. Some might be financially advantaged to reach that goal but they lack the updated perception of what it takes to become a professional commercial pilot.
I am hugely dedicated to motivate these thousands of aspiring aviators, to do all that I can to contribute to the aviation sector using the few resources that I have been graced with. If you are starting out on the path to a professional aviation career, this site will provide you with all the basic resources you may require – from ground training resources, testimonials from already accomplished pilots and interactive e-courses so you can enter your chosen flight training organization a polished gem.I am so much looking forward to a long term relationship with you as we together work to build a new chapter in African aviation particularly. Yes we can flycropped-airplane-wallpaper-911.jpg

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