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0 0 29-May-2018 02:48

Yes We Can Fly!

1 0 30-Apr-2018 01:54

yadley.com, you changed my life. I am now a licensed Private Pilot after over 7 years of struggling to get that qualification. I don`t know how best I can say thank you.

Tinashe Mabhena

2 0 14-May-2018 14:21

wow - at Tinashe, that is fantastic to hear. Like we always say, delay is not fatal. Fly High Captain.

1 0 29-May-2018 00:50

Have you enrolled in our FREE course - Principles of Flight?

1 0 13-Apr-2018 03:57

Nothing worth doing is ever easy... #yeswecanfly

0 0 31-Oct-2017 08:19

Good Morning #HighFlyers

1 0 30-Oct-2017 09:17

Never surrender your dreams to noisy negatives! #yeswecanfly

1 0 29-Oct-2017 09:46

I feel like leaving this here. Great smile Tinashe

3 0 16-Oct-2017 05:24

Sky is home

3 0 16-Oct-2017 05:19

There hardships in life but God is always good and mighty. No matter what happens stay focused never loose hope, his the stronghold we lean on. Thanks yadley for the much love. Yes we can fly✈✈
3 0 16-Oct-2017 05:18

Have a pleasent week Ladies and Gents !!!!
3 0 15-Oct-2017 02:37

As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult,but in fighting the difficulties the most strength of the heart is developed.
2 0 14-Oct-2017 12:49

That is so true Wendy. Thank you!

1 0 14-Oct-2017 23:21

New FREE course alert. get ready.

2 0 11-Oct-2017 08:42

Yes we can fly lots of love yadley

0 0 16-Oct-2017 15:09

Keep trying don't just quit ♥ ♥

4 0 06-Oct-2017 12:41

Wow you look stunning Sir Michael. Way to go....

1 0 06-Oct-2017 12:02

Sometimes life doesn't gives us what we want. And that is why there is a more better chance to keep trying, it can't be easy aviators, but it is worth every toil and trouble we face  along the way for success, today we might be low at heart because we aren't there yet, but it gladdens my heart to know there is till a long way to trek ahead, so don't be afraid to venture in the uncertainity, maybe there is where all our strength lies, keep trying don't be afraid to be shun away, there is more damage in not trying than trying and fail, keep trying, keep pressing on, and eventually you will get there, you are meant for greatness, and don't sit there feeling sorry you have tried and you haven't gotten this chance of your life, Wake up ,dust yourslef off the dirt, keep your head high, have absolute faith in God, and wait for what will unfold. I know it will be greater. So brace yourself, let's  keep going, I love you y'all 
4 0 06-Oct-2017 12:41

What a beautiful message for the entire Yes We Can Fly family at large. We have read your message more than three times already and each time we do it resonates a special grace in it. We are blessed to have met you Michael and thank you a million times for the timely encouragement. Yes We Can Fly!

3 0 06-Oct-2017 12:06

Pencil this date in your diaries, High Flyers 🙂

5 0 22-Sep-2017 09:27

A priceless view from my generous window view. See you in Johannesburg Yadley...prepare those cheezy jalapeno steaks for me hey

4 0 20-Sep-2017 09:06

Hie Jane....oh what a big surprise! Hope you brought your lovely guitar 🙂

0 0 20-Sep-2017 21:25

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week. Happy Sunday to all High Flyers!

4 0 17-Sep-2017 09:37

Have a great weekend !!!
2 0 26-Aug-2017 04:25

Yet another day...... struggling to get a job but I refuse to give up
4 0 23-Aug-2017 11:53

You are a natural born winner. Paballo will have the last laugh

1 0 25-Aug-2017 09:07

Yes We Can Fly!

3 0 15-Aug-2017 06:47

Tonight we are all FBI agents at yadley.com. Join us same time (20h00 GMT 2) as we discuss the unsolved case of a guy who hijacked an airplane and jumped off with $200 000 in cash!

3 0 12-Aug-2017 09:35

Strange sounds in space, strange air vehicles and strange looking beings seen...Even the most intelligent scientists are baffled. Tonight, let`s make a date again. The story continues.....

2 0 10-Aug-2017 04:41

ALIENS. Real or fake? Let`s make a date tonight at 20h00 (GMT 2) for this exciting discussion. See you then!

2 0 09-Aug-2017 05:32

You can do anything you put your mind to.. You can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak.. Be a doctor or fly a plane.. You can face adversity and still walk tall. You are strong, beautiful, compassionate and much more than words could ever say! Today is yours and so is every other day.. Happy Women's Day #HighFlyers?‍✈️

4 0 09-Aug-2017 03:36

Today, you must do the very thing you think you can't do! #yeswecanfly

3 0 09-Aug-2017 02:00

Hello high flyers 
3 0 07-Aug-2017 10:04

Goodnight to you all flyers
5 0 06-Aug-2017 11:42

Can't wait for this platform`s discussions
3 0 06-Aug-2017 11:41

Hi everyone

0 0 07-Aug-2017 21:18

Nice weekend my dearest fellow flyers
3 0 05-Aug-2017 11:49

Have a great one too Lynnet and thank you!

0 0 05-Aug-2017 22:05

Hi there Lynnet. Have a beautiful Sunday.

1 0 06-Aug-2017 07:20

Thanks Tara and yadley and you too

0 0 06-Aug-2017 11:00

Have a beautiful weekend High Flyers 🙂

2 0 05-Aug-2017 12:04

Thank you awesome Tara!

2 0 05-Aug-2017 22:06

I am highly hourned and priviledge to be apart of this great family. I am highly inspired by the dedication and passion from the Team from yadley. God bless you all immensely. 
3 0 04-Aug-2017 11:51

I have learnt alot from this website and I love it
6 0 02-Aug-2017 01:16

3 0 30-Jul-2017 11:42

Hellow everyone!!! 
3 0 30-Jul-2017 09:10

Hello Tsion. How are you?

0 0 31-Jul-2017 09:13

Hie Tsion. Beautiful picture by the way

1 0 30-Jul-2017 21:57

I am good #tarisai

1 0 02-Aug-2017 10:37

Tnx, j pierre.

1 0 02-Aug-2017 10:38

6 0 29-Jul-2017 10:58

 Day is done but love unfailing 
3 0 26-Jul-2017 12:36

Amen 🙂

1 0 26-Jul-2017 02:37

Great is thy faithfulness,Morning by Morning new mercies I see .God is good all the time .
3 0 26-Jul-2017 12:01

And all the time He is good.

1 0 26-Jul-2017 02:38

Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it! Have a very fabulous Sunday!

2 0 23-Jul-2017 01:01

A Sunday well spent brings a week of high productivity. Keep calm and have a relaxed Sunday.

4 0 23-Jul-2017 09:23

What happens tomorrow is because of what you do today!

4 0 21-Jul-2017 04:39

Yadley.com is not just a place you come to in order to "tweak" your aviation C.V with the free courses and then "pose" for recruiters. While you are here, as you are "tweaking" your C.V we hope you take the time to "tweak" the person you are becoming as well.

3 0 21-Jul-2017 01:24

On 20 July 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin NASA astronauts took "one small step" for mankind by planting the first human feet on the moon. #Apollo11

0 0 21-Jul-2017 11:46

5 0 20-Jul-2017 11:31

Thank you so much am humbled

0 0 22-Jul-2017 08:03

Hello Gloria

0 0 20-Jul-2017 23:05

Beautiful photo. We love the hairstyle<3

1 0 20-Jul-2017 22:25

I love your hair girl. Greetings from my part of the world. xoxo

1 0 21-Jul-2017 06:57

Oh my God
This is incredibly good. This is the best website ever. Thank you so much for this upgrade.

4 0 20-Jul-2017 11:30

Thanks our best friend. You deserve the best and we will keep on looking for more ways to serve you better with excellence

3 0 20-Jul-2017 22:27

It is getting better and better I must say, well done #Yadley.com

0 0 21-Jul-2017 11:54

Hey Yadley! I`m making another quick hop to the Maldives just now. Second leg in a day. I`m so exhausted already 🙁

3 0 20-Jul-2017 07:38


1 0 21-Jul-2017 09:46

I wish you a goodnight

0 0 07-Aug-2017 20:29

hello high flyers

1 0 07-Aug-2017 20:29

We wish you safe take offs and landings girl.

0 0 21-Jul-2017 06:59
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