THE DREAM TO FLY (For those who want to become Pilots/Cabin Crew members) -

THE DREAM TO FLY (For those who want to become Pilots/Cabin Crew members)

Alright guys, its been weeks now since we have been motivating each other, drawing lessons from airlines and sharing on key leadership issues. The next phase of posts will be specific for those who really want to become pilots/cabin crew but are facing insurmountable difficulties in trying to be so. I am not worried about getting just one or two Likes/Comments on my posts.Flight training is a niche (small) market and I have been sent for just a few of you. What I have learned is that there are “plane” people and “non-plane” people. For me, just sharing these posts is not going to ignite the passion in non-plane people. You either have the spark or do not. It may have gone dormant at some point in your life, but it is always there, and we will rekindle it. Those that have it are going to greatly benefit from the next posts. Some have it and some do not. I believe YOU are one of the few blessed ones.

Since I started the High Flyers program I have had countless responses from accomplished pilots worldwide.Most have allowed me to share with you their stories of how they conquered the financial difficulty in their dream to fly.So I have interesting, motivating stories all lined up for you.

Perhaps you are already a pilot too.Please feel free to share with us your experiences. A lot of people will benefit from that.

So, we are going to focus particularly on the number 1 issue of concern for all those aspiring to fly: FINANCES. It is true that the dream to fly is highly expensive and will keep most grounded. But through these posts we will strive to prove that it’s hard for a reason… to make you the best you can be. I have dedicated my life to people like you-to show you that greatness can only be discovered in the dark moments.I hope this information will help you give up the urge to despise hard times, to give up the anxiety that you won’t make it through to your licence and embrace the reward that is promised to come.

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