“Black people are useless in nature and incapable of flying” This is a direct quote I took from the movie Red Tails, a movie that tells the story of how black aviators fought racial segregation and eventually became distinguished airmen. You should watch it!

In the time era portrayed by the movie, very few whites treated blacks with some sort of decency. In those days, racial segregation was so severe that there were separate sections of buses and trains for black riders, separate hotels and restaurants,and separate park benches, drinking fountains, and restrooms. Many blacks were frustrated by the segregation they faced and felt so sorry for themselves.You see, PEOPLE WHO FEEL SORRY FOR THEMSELVES CONTINUE TO SUFFER UNFAVORABLE CIRCUMSTANCES. Unwealthy people focus on what is wrong with their lives – but there was one young black man who strongly felt that being black was not a disadvantage. His name was GUION S.BLUFORD JR. Born in a family of 4, his parents encouraged him to always set his goals high. He certainly did.
While at school, a career counselor told him that books are not for black people, that instead of pursuing college education he should learn a trade.Unlike other black people of his time, he IGNORED THAT ADVICE and went on to excell, graduating with flying colours! They continued to tell him that he would not make it in university.Again, he chose to ignore that and he continued to advance himself, setting his goals higher and higher. From early childhood, he had learnt that WHEN YOU DEMAND THE BEST FOR YOURSELF FOR YOURSELF, you become more valuable, attractive and enjoyable.

He eventually earned a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Pennsylvania State University; a master’s degree with distinction in Aerospace Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology; a doctor of philosophy in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Laser Physics from the Air Force Institute; and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Houston, Clear Lake.Even despite his prestigious qualifications, a lot of promotions bypassed him in the chain of command because he was a black man.But he would not feel sorry for himself and progressed to become a Colonel in the U.S Airforce. And guess what?

Guion Bluford was selected to be an astronaut in 1978 and BECAME THE FIRST BLACK PERSON TO GO TO SPACE! This was the beginning of many more International awards and recognition to come. His first mission was the STS-8 (Challenger), the first shuttle to be launched and land during the night.Currently, Bluford is vice president and general manager of the Engineering Services Division, NYMA, Inc., Brook Park, Ohio.

One of the reasons why Guion became succesful is that he quit feeling sorry for being black and became creative.Unsuccessful people think that life is unfair and that being successful is not an option for them. This is the problem with most people.

*Rebecca complains about house chores, demands of being a mother, and boredom.
*Wendy complains about how you need to have “experience” to get a solid job.
*Peter complains about the lack of opportunities he has because he has aged.

YOU ARE NOT DISADVANTAGED AT ALL!! Stop complaining and start telling yourself that you are valuable. Work on your strengths, on your passions, on your best you. Focus on making the best of your life and continue to set the bar higher with each achievement. You will make it and I will see you at the top.

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