Simple Solutions …Continued

Good morning High Flyers. Last week we talked about how simple solutions can save the world. Let’s continue a bit on that before we progress to even more greater issues. After looking at the strategy of Continental Airlines, we learnt that:

In the search for answers, the world is attracted to people who present answers in a simple, non-sophisticated, clear and practical way.
Money does not come to those who just need it. Money comes to those who identify needs in the society and make simple, practical steps to meet those needs.

In our supermarkets, shelves are loaded with products that have long complicated names.Seriously, would you buy a packet of biscuits with a name written ‘Myxolocsesininx Biscuits’ on it?You would think its a dangerous poison wouldn’t you.Sometimes the font on our products is even hard and complex to read.Our business leaders seem to forget that products with an easy to read font have the greatest sales.

For most of us the problem started in school.We tried to impress our teachers with fancy language and convulated sentences assuming it would make us look clever.But that made us look stupid.

Complications.Complications.Complications. Why do we still complicate things?

In Luke 17 we read about 10 lepers who asked Jesus for healing. The leprosy they had was a very difficult disease. In providing the solution, Jesus could have told the lepers to find some means to get some money first then visit a physician or to apply some certain medication.He didn’t do that.He just said “Go show yourselves to the Priest” and as the lepers went their way they were cleansed.Just those 6 words healed the lepers.The secret of Jesus Christ’s powerful words was in simplicity.

Likewise, the solution to our economic leprosy and complications in our lives can only be found if we apply simple, practical steps. I was talking to a certain bank loan manager and she was telling me that the most accepted project proposals are the ones that are written in easily understandable language and are straight to the point.The greatest ideas are the simplest.

If you cant explain your idea clearly to a 6 year old, then you don’t even understand it yourself and you are not serious. Let’s be practical, let’s be simple solution givers.

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