She Lied To Me -

She Lied To Me

Lies lies lies….

I will always remember that day, 6 June 2008.I was flying as a passenger from Harare to Bulawayo.

The Flight Attendants looked awesome in their uniforms…I really adored them. Without hesitation I asked the lead Flight Attendant:

“Ms, I really admire your job. If I also want to become a Flight Attendant like you, what are the requirements?”

To my surprise, her smile turned into a frown and she seemed displeased with my question. After pausing for a couple of seconds she replied:

“My brother. You need a degree or a diploma in Psychology, you need to be very tall, you need to be single not married and of course you need to be successful in the 3 year training program”

Mission accomplished, she had successfully discouraged me….and for the next 7 years, her words echoed in my mind every time I thought of becoming a Flight Attendant. A degree? 3 years of training? I did not have a degree and the sound of 3 years training made it seem like an advanced military training than anything else.

Today, looking back into what the Flight Attendant said, of course, all that she said was a lie. This is the problem with most people ‘up there’. They give you false information so that they feel superior and also because they fear that you may take their positions. Such a low mind!

Today, as a licensed Flight Attendant myself I have pledged to be the total opposite of that girl. My organization, Yes We Can Fly is committed to giving the correct information to all those who want to become Pilots and Flight Attendants. We don’t intimidate all those who come with questions, we welcome them and connect them with training, scholarship and airline job opportunities.

Above all, we have an exciting Flight Attendant training program that is starting this next month in Benoni, South Africa. Do you want to be part of it?

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