student of the month

Abdulai Turay

Abdulai Turay

Our Learner of the Month is the ever intelligent Abdulai Kandeh Turay from Sierra Leone. Abdulai has done almost every online course we have and continues with his hunger for even more. He inspires us to keep on raising the bar high and we absolutely love his passion for knowledge increase.

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Our Most Frequently asked Questions

Will I get a Certificate after doing an online course?

Certainly! We issue very beautiful Certificates immediately after you have successfully completed our online courses. For each course, our system will automatically generate a signed Certificate for you which you can access in your student profile page or via email. 

By doing an online course, am I now authorized to work in an airplane?

No. Our online courses are not meant to replace normal aviation training that is provided by ATOs (Aviation Training Organizations). Our online courses are only meant for personal and professional development only and you will still need to go through a physical ATO for actual training, and then you will be authorized to work in an airplane.

Can I use your certificates when looking for a job?

Of course you may. Whilst our certificates are not issued by an academic institute, they are helpful in showing potential employers that you have a determination to learn, and this may give you a competitive advantage over other applicants.

After enrolling for a course, when will it expire?

We will never be so cruel to lock you out from learning. Once you have enrolled for a course, we will keep it open for you for as long as you want us to

There is a topic I did not understand during study. Who can explain?

Oh how we love questions! If you face any difficulty at any time during your study, feel free to chat with any one of our instructors available. You can chat with an instructors by using the “chat with us” or “email us” button located on the middle left of your screen.

How will I know that my course order is now approved and I can start learning?

It`s very simple and you can use any one of these 2 ways:

  1. Please check your email for an approval from us. Here is a screen-shot of an example of this email

course has been approved

2. Please log in back into your student profile and regularly check your account. Your course, if approved, will be in your profile under the courses tab.

I have registered for a course already, but can not access it

Don`t worry. We are now reviewing your course order and we will be in touch with you within a few hours (24 hours at the most) to notify you that the course is now open for you and you can now proceed with your learning.

Do I need any special computer or software to take an online course?

You do not need anything more special than a normal browser.

Our system supports almost any type of browsers and operating systems. For operating systems we recommend Windows 7 and newer, Mac OSX 10.6 and newer, Linux – chromeOS.

For browsers we recommend that you update to the newest version of whatever browser you are using. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Beta versions of browsers are not supported and Internet Explorer is problematic. For the best experience please make sure that your web browser has JavaScript and cookies enabled.

Can I get a transcript for my learning?

Yes. Upon request, we can provide you with either an official or an unofficial transcript for your completed course. The first two transcripts are provided free of charge. 

I`m using a phone. How do I register for an online course?

It is very simple. Like in the picture below and circled in red, at the top of your phone screen you should see a button written eLEARNING REGISTER. Simply click on that button and the page that will open will ask you for your name and email address. Fill in the details as required and welcome to your new student profile with!

Do your online courses have exams?

Yes we have exams in-between lessons and at the end of almost every course. This is to ensure your understanding of the information being taught

Who are the instructors? is managed by a small team of industry experts in the field of aviation. We sometimes outsource expertise from Pilots and Flight Attendants who are flying for different airlines. They are all experts in their field and experienced teachers.

How long is each course?

Each one of courses is different from the other. However, our style ensures that all our courses are very short and sweet, lastly only a couple of hours or so. Our longest course is Flight Attendant Training Online which runs for approximately 30 days.

What special qualities are you looking for before I take a course?

All that our online courses require is a genuine passion for the subject being taught and of course, a heart to share what you would have learnt with the others. We have no special prerequisites for the courses currently being offered. 

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. If you are unhappy with our online course(s), and if you have not yet gone more than 50% into the course(s), we will be happy to refund you for your purchase. In order to be granted a full  refund, you must cancel your registration via your student profile or in writing to the Online Courses Director ([email protected]).

Do I need to purchase any study materials?

Not really. After you register for a course, you will receive additional study material within each course. This is FREE of charge. However, we may suggest a few optional links to other online vendors where additional material can be purchased.

What is an online course?

An online course is an educational system in which learning and student participation takes place over the Internet. Online Courses give you the opportunity to connect to an environment that includes weekly lessons and assignments, as well as discussion boards and optional video meetings so you can interact with other students and with the instructor.