Meet Mohamed – Our November High Flyer

Being a member of means different things for many people. For some, it means being exposed to an opportunity to learn, or simply to grab a whole lot of free aviation resources. For some, it`s just a place to get their CVs tweaked for free and then they just vanish. But there is a very small group that believes in not just coming to receive but to also add value to the platform. To such a group belongs one unique young man who comes from Freetown in Sierra Leonne.

His name is Mohamed Allusine Tarawally.

unique high flyer

Forwards ever, Backwards Never!

At exactly 18:37 pm on the 7th of October 2017, Mohamed made the right decision for his aviation career by clicking on that ` register` button.  He became a member and ever since that day he has not looked back. Without anyone compelling him to do so he became very active on the platform, taking advantage of every free resource that is available and devouring every short online course. With excellent grades, he attained Certificates for the following courses:

  1. How To Become A Pilot                           -96%
  2. Crew Resource Management                   -92%
  3. Fundamentals of the Airline Industry      -95%
  4. Careers in Aviation                                -90%
  5. Passenger Handling                                94%

Without a doubt, this young man has outdone every other member of this platform and continues to be an inspiration to us all. Even up to date, Mohamed is always doing something new on

Mohamed, A Helper Just At The Right Time

As if that is not enough, he took a step further and applied to join the Yadley leadership team. He successfully went through the intensive in-house leadership training program and again, passed the final examination at over 92%. Today, Mohamed joins the Yadley leadership team as a Marketing Officer for Shop Yadley. Shop Yadley is an arm of this great vision, an online platform with a mission to equip aviation enthusiasts with all things beautiful. The shop sells an amazing collection of aviation-themed jewellery, clothing, books, aviation games and much more at ridiculously discounted prices.

With his high-level social media marketing and office administration skills, Mohamed will be just the right man to take the shop global. He has an impressive professional background too. At one time, he was a Personal Assistant to the Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs in Sierra Leone.

A Man of Faith and Humility

When communicating with him via email or social media, you can tell from his correspondence that he is a respectful and humble young man. Perhaps this is a character trait that naturally comes from his faith as a Muslim. It is widely known that Muslims are vigorously taught to be humble through their submission to Allah, through self-restraint, discipline, sacrifice, patience, brotherhood and generosity. One example of how humble Muslims are, is the way they pray. In prayer, they always prostrate themselves to the ground, acknowledging their lowliness.

We love Mohamed and we wish him the very best in his new position as Marketing Officer for this vision. If you love him too why don`t you say a few words of encouragement to him in the comments section below?

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