Malaysia Flight 17 And The ‘Silence’ of God

It can only be a serious level of insanity act when a grown man pulls the trigger and shoots down a commercial airliner. Boy, what happened to this world? What wrong had the passengers and crew on Flight 17 done to deserve such a cruel punishment?


It’s a crazy world full of cruelty. Conflicts are everywhere – Iraq versus Syria, Israel versus Palestine, Russia and Ukraine, China and Japan, and they always claim the lives of those who are innocent. Malaysia Flight 17’s 295 passengers and crew are not the first victims – just the latest victims proving that there are cruel people out there, people with hearts of stone, people who have always been there. Over the past decades, nearly two dozen passenger airliners have been hit by missiles and innocent lives have been lost. Too much blood has been spilled. Some of the downed airliners include:

  • Iran Air Flight 55 in 1988 fired on by the U.S. Navy
  • Korean Airlines Flight 007 downed by the Soviet military in 1983
  • Siberian Airlines Flight 1812 in 2001 during a Ukrainian military exercise
  • El Al Flight 402 in 1955 by Bulgaria military
  • Libyan Airlines Flight 114 by Israeli military in1973

You may ask yourself – Why does God seem to be silent about all this?

But why do you need to feel that way? Why do you think that God is silent? Why do you think like God is playing hard to get or like he’s just standing there looking at us when we cry to him for help as our airplanes keep falling from the sky? We all feel disoriented and desperate whilst the cruel people seem to be getting away with it. But let us not despair.

The ‘silence’, the absence of God is phenomenological. IT’S HOW IT FEELS, IT’S NOT HOW IT IS.

We are not alone. God is with us (Psalm 23:4).

And He is speaking all the time in the priceless gift of His objective Word that we should patiently bear our trials and the opposition which we meet. They may continue to shoot down airliner after airliner, but we must not feel like we are forgotten, neither must we attempt to avenge ourselves; The Lord will surely judge those who injured or killed innocent souls.

The evil doers will surely give an account for all the wrongs which they did to the children of God.

There’s a God who sees.

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