Its been a while since I got a chance to just sit and put my thoughts and experiences down for y’all.I have been busy trying to keep my business afloat https://www.facebook.com/tarisaitaraeventsandimageconsultancy and also along the way with all the stress, I fell into a mild depression. I stopped writing for a while as I figured that if I did open up, I would most likely say all the wrong things, but as always HARD WORK,PRAYER ,FAITH AND HOPE prevailed and like a boomerang I AM BACK.


It’s been hard, i won’t sugarcoat that part. The rent shortfalls, the debts, getting kicked out of my shop, finding a new shop and getting kicked out again…it was hell and at one point I thought I wouldn’t ever get back on my feet. It was torture to imagine losing all that I had worked for. I struggled to eat, sleep or pray and even contemplated giving up on the whole thing but I guess I just was wasn’t born a quitter and as I am writing this I am in my new shop and all is well.


Of course there are still a lot of challenges, drama and stress factors but experience has taught me that with every new level God takes me to, there is a new devil to overcome. Over the last few months I have learnt a lot about business times with no one but Him to look to and He has never let me down.


So ladies and gentlemen..whatever you is going on in your life, don’t let it stand in the way of your dreams and purpose. God is with you and for you. KEEP THE FAITH. And sooner than later, just like me you will be yelling “I AM BACK”

Till next time

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