How To Overcome The Challenges Life Throws At You

A few years back I saw a classic video of commercial airplanes taking off against heavy crosswinds at a busy airport. The video showed severe winds that caused most flights to remain grounded. I was particularly impressed by the flight crew of a certain All Nippon Airways Boeing 777.

All Nipon Airways B787 Landing

Unlike most pilots that day they seemed not to be bothered at all as they powered their jet for takeoff against the severe crosswinds. From what I observed it was a steep takeoff, a challenging one, but they took off successfully all the same. With my very little aviation experience, I understand that the crew took advantage of the winds that were against them, using the headwinds to shorten their takeoff roll and provide a greater lift on the wings.

What I saw in that video stayed with me for years and years. I think it was the perfect life lesson for me especially being in aviation – taking off against the wind.

Over the last few years that I have been pursuing my wings, I have learnt this one thing: NO GREAT ACHIEVEMENT in your life will ever come without headwinds, obstacles, physical limitations, the unpredictability of friends, or resistance from the outside world. But like the All Nippon Airways crew, you have to take advantage of the winds that are against you?

Whatever winds you are facing right now – family challenges/career/whatever it is, are you THANKFUL for all these obstacles?

Did you know that strong challenges provide you with GREATER LIFT? Challenges present you with an opportunity to persevere and demonstrate to the world how badly you want to succeed.

Man doing mountain climbing

To become great and to reach your full potential, you must rise to the great challenges that are thrust upon you. You will make it, you will not crash and I will see you at the top!

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