How To Make Your Cabin Crew Application Stand Out

Give Your Cabin Crew Application The “X” Factor

Every day thousands and thousands of people apply for cabin crew positions worldwide. It is in your best interest to try make your application stand out from the rest.

“Recruiters spend an average of only 4 – 6 seconds reviewing your resume” – The Ladders


How To Make Your Cabin Crew Application Stand Out

  1. Take a First Aid Course

The most important duty of a Cabin Crew Member is to ensure the safety of passengers. A person with a background in first aid shows the airline that he/she is 5 steps ahead of other applicants and this definitely works to your advantage.

  1. Learn More Languages

Learn as many international languages as you can. This will help you get international routes faster and also helps your application should apply to big airlines.

  1. Get Customer Service Experience

Whilst you are waiting for your Cabin Crew career to kick off, get yourself a job in the service industry that exposes you to customer service directly or indirectly. You can work as a waitress, sales assistant, petrol station attendant, marketing assistant etc. If you can get a job in the aviation field that is even better. You will need to keep that job for at least 6 months and have impeccable references. Customer service experience is always on top of ALL airline requirements when they are looking for Cabin Crew.

  1. Get A Cabin Crew Licence

If resources permit, register with a Cabin Crew training institution and get licenced. Most airlines, especially budget airlines require that you have a licence so they save on training you for 6 weeks. Whilst this is not a must, it works to your advantage at the end of the day.

Do all of the above and you are most likely to make the cut.

Let us know how YOU will make your cabin crew job application stand out. We would love to hear from you so don’t be shy to leave your comment below.

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