And The HOTTEST Flight Attendants In Africa Are…

Everybody esteems Flight Attendants as naturally sexy and attractive. Maybe it`s because of the beautiful uniforms they wear, or maybe it`s just because of their glamorous cheerfulness when carrying out their duties of service. A simple Google search of the hottest Flight Attendants will draw up hundreds of photos. They are not at all difficult to find. But you will notice that most, if not all of these photos only show Flight Attendants from European/Asian/Middle Eastern airlines.

Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew

In a recent survey of over a hundred airlines worldwide, Emirates Flight Attendants were voted the most beautiful, with a high-flying average ranking of 7.17 out of 10. That’s a huge win over the runner-ups, which included United Airlines (6.73) in second place and Hawaiian Airlines (6.71) on number three. But nobody talked about any African airline. Is it because our girls are not so `genetically gifted`? Certainly not.

When we talk of African beauty particularly in the Flight Attendant world, one doesn’t have to look very far. Up North and bordered by Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea and the Sudan, we have a small country that is very blessed with the most beautiful ladies. Naturally, the country`s Flight Attendants are the most beautiful in the entire African Airlines world. We are talking of none other than Ethiopian Airways Flight Attendants.

Striking beauty at its best

In the entire continent, the competition is very stiff but very few African airlines` Flight Attendants can ever come close to these `green hotties.`

When Ethiopian Airways Flight Attendants come into picture, you immediately notice a striking blend of brown skin, traditional facial features, and petite body structures. Their facial features, bone structure, skin tone and hair structure are a perfect balance between darker South and West Africans and whiter Caucasians. These green hotties are unarguably the hottest and such a finesse of beauty is always intensely sought after by advertisers. They are fantastic, smooth and just blazing hot!

If you are a Flight Attendant too chances are you occasionally find yourself looking at these Ethiopian beauties with envy.  How do they get their hair so shiny and silky and tame their structures?  How do they get their skin so clear?  And their luminous complexions too– how do they all achieve that?

Okay truth is, Ethiopian Airlines Flight Attendants will probably hate us for revealing one of their very closely kept secrets to their glowing skin, but here it is anyway (please don`t tell them it`s who told you).

ethiopian airways Ethiopian Airliens Hottest

A closer look into the matter will reveal that most Ethiopian women believe in natural beauty as opposed to hiding behind tons of chemicals. Likewise, you should also avoid too many chemicals on your skin and other more invasive products. Look to nature instead. Duhh, by now you should know that too much makeup damages your skin and predisposes you to premature aging, uneven skin tone, and skin cancer.

But even if you avoid bleaching your skin with chemicals, you might also be wondering how else these Ethiopian women generally get their skin looking so luminous.It turns out the secret they use is crushed red grapes mixed with white flour!  benefits red grapes

A handful of grapes is all you need and a couple of tablespoons of flour.  Mix it together, apply it to your face for ten minutes, and wash it off.  You should get a lovely glow to your skin.  This can work wonders if you are used to looking in the mirror at a fatigued complexion.

mositurizerAnother secret they have is the power of moisturizing. On the night before going to fly, most Ethiopian Flight Attendants apply intense moisturizer. This helps increase hydration in skin before they are exposed to the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure. Are you a frequent flyer as well? Skip foundation on the day of your trip, and instead wear only moisturizer. Before you land, add a tinted moisturizer for a fresh, healthy look. If you just can’t leave the house without some foundation, be sure to put on a primer first — a silicone-based liquid or cream that puts a layer of protection between skin and makeup. It will help your foundation and blush last longer and help keep your skin from becoming dehydrated.

drink lots of waterDuring their training, Ethiopian Airways Flight Attendants are encouraged to drink lots of water. Drinking water will helps them flush out toxins and eliminate the dirt that clogs the pores of their skins, giving them that healthier glow that you envy on them. Okay, to be honest with you, you can be a camel all you want but drinking rivers won’t magically erase fine lines and wrinkles. But by staying hydrated, you can maintain your skin’s natural elasticity and suppleness.

Ethiopian Airways Flight Attendants! Now we`re talking of the only one way to get me to watch that safety demonstration (#blushblush).

P/S: Do you beg to differ that Ethiopian Airways Flight Attendants are the most beautiful ever? Comment below with your answer.

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