First things First

And so I have been quiet for a while, the end of 2014 proved to be the busiest part of my year. From mid-November to mid-December I travelled to a rural place called Gokwe (Zimbabwe) for a mission’s trip, it was incredible. I never knew there was a place with a people who are so eager to serve God and to hear the Word of God like I experienced in Gokwe. I went there to teach the Word of God and yet in many ways it was I who learnt many a lesson. Sometimes it is in serving others that we experience more and more of God’s love, grace and promises.I have many testimonies from the trip but that is a story for another day.
2012 I graduated from university hopeful that I would get a corporate job and my career would take off, I thought by now I would be well on my way but I had to face two words…reality and recession. It was a devastating blow for me and for a year or so I was in denial and kept applying for jobs and getting no responses, finally I got my head out of the clouds and decided I needed a plan B.
And so in 2014,me being the positive minded, glass half full kind of woman I decided to venture into entrepreneurship full time as it has always been a passion of mine.That too, ladies and gentlemen hasn’t been the bed of roses I figured it would be. Had it not been for my faith in God and passion for business, this is one initiative that would have crashed and burned. I would get into the finer details except it might traumatize you for life so I will keep it simple and once again refer you to the two words I keep bumping into…REALITY & RECESSION.
Where am I going with this, you may ask?? Starting something new is always scary and hard, and yet if you hold fast to your dreams you will get to a place of triumph and victory. I started my entrepreneurship journey as a network marketer and grew from there. It was my network marketing success and the challenges that I overcame in order to achieve that success that showed me that I could do and be anything I desired to be if only I FOCUSED AND BELIEVED IN MYSELF.Resultantly2014 was one of the most adventurous periods of my life, in many respects I can say I it was a year of “FIRSTS” I wrote my first book, set up my first blog, I even set up my first “serious” business. In my “firsts” I got to learn numerous life changing lessons that enabled me to grow in numerous ways.
2015 I opened my first bridal boutique in town (53 6th Street, Gweru, Zimbabwe), its been exactly 1 month 2 days since we opened doors and let me say its been a journey and a half. I almost couldn’t pay the rent this month and I met a lot of financial snags as do most start ups but I am so looking forward to month 2, and 3 and 4……

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Its been hard, I won’t lie. Sometimes I don’t have transport money, sometimes I can’t afford lunch, .but what keeps me going is the fact that I am living my dream.

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Am I demotivated at times? No! I guess in a way I am too stubborn to give up, besides at the back of my head I guess I know that if I don’t fight for my dreams, no one else is standing in line to. Many a times I make mistakes, I fall, I am flawed and imperfect, yet drenched in the grace and mercy that is found in Jesus Christ. In God I am strong and failure-proof.


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