Ethiopian Aviation Academy Does It Again!

October 7 was a very bright and colorful day for trainees at Ethiopian Aviation Academy, Africa`s largest aviation training facility. The giant academy which belongs to Ethiopian Airlines successfully graduated 262 aviation professionals. A total of 120 cabin crew, 50 pilots, 66 aviation maintenance technicians and 26 Equipment and Facility Maintenance technicians (16 majoring in Industrial Electricity and 10 in Industrial Mechanics) were capped.

Ethiopian airlines graduation

The new graduates were given their colorful wings and those with outstanding academic performance were also  officially recognized. Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Mr Tewolde GebreMariam, congratulated and welcomed the new graduates to the airline’s dedicated workforce. He remarked,

“Education is the greatest Equalizer in our world today and Human Resource Development (HRD) is one of the Four Pillars of our Vision 2025 Strategic Growth Plan. In line with this belief, we have invested adequately in capacity building in the Ethiopian Aviation Academy, which is the largest and most modern in the continent of Africa. The Academy has been training and graduating the required Aviation Professionals both for Ethiopian Airlines Group and other partner airlines around the region. It has the capacity to support our vision 2025 growth plan with adequate aviation professionals and to contribute its share towards the development of Aviation in Africa. While I congratulate today’s graduates for their success, I also wish them the best of success when they join our winning Team of strong work force.”

Ethiopian Airlines is one of the very few gems in the industry that trains the largest number of aviation personnel in Africa. They train around 2000 aviation professionals every year and they envisage enhancing their intake capacity to even 4,000 by 2025. The training standards are great and they typically combine classroom instruction, simulators and on-the-job training before flight crews work their first flights. Trainees are thoroughly trained to meet certification requirements in safety-related topics like firefighting, first-aid training, aviation law, survival at sea and security.

Ethiopian Airways

Their Cabin Crew training program in particular measures up to standards like those of Singapore Airlines` 15-week basic training program, Emirates` 8-week “ab initio” training and Alaska Airlines` 5-week program.

We wish the new graduates a very successful aviation career ahead of them. However, with the difficulties associated with securing employment in the airline industry constantly frustrating the dynamics in the aviation landscape, many skilled aviators have switched industries and are settled elsewhere. We hope that the new graduates will quickly find employment that closely matches with their qualifications. They must up their strategy for job applications and gain every advantage possible. A specialist aviation platform like can help them overcome these difficulties and give them access to a predefined pot of exciting aviation opportunities.

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