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In recognition of AFRICA DAY, as a proud AFRICAN ENTREPRENEUR, I want to share a little bit of wisdom with you all.


I came upon this story a while ago and it has continued to inspire me during my dry seasons..

A man wanted to dig a well to water his farm. After digging for some time in a place recommended by water-diviners, he found no water and got disgusted. He had dug only about fifteen feet.

Along came another man who laughed at him for digging there, and pointed to another place. The farmer went over to that spot and dug and dug, for about twenty feet. Still no water, and very tired, he finally took the advice of an old neighbor who assured him there was water at yet another place.


After he had given up that one too, his wife came out and said, “Where are your brains? Does anyone sink a well that way? Stay in one place and go deeper and deeper there!” Next day, rested, the farmer spent all day on one hole and found abundant water.

In all truth, it’s hard being a business person in this part of the world where resources are scarce, loans are none existent and ideas are not quite appreciated. It’s easy enough to start project A and leave it in the middle in favor of project B, and go on to C, all in search of the ultimate “get rich quick scheme”. What’s hard and yet worthwhile is holding fast to one project and work hard at it until in due season it finally yields a harvest.

bumper harvest
bumper harvest

Its been almost 5 months now since I opened my store https://www.facebook.com/tarisaitaraeventsandimageconsultancy and if I can be truthful, its been an uphill climb.There have been more bad days than good and more tears than smiles and yet I have held on and endured, hopeful that at some point all my hard work will pay off.(Had I known how much I would hurt,cry and work for my dream to manifest I probably would have probably settled for something else…lol)

Through any struggle it is very easy to give up, especially in business. I remember as I was starting out earlier this year, for weeks on end it seemed as though my efforts to market and brand my business were producing no results. No matter how much I worked at it, it just seemed as though I was labouring in vain, and yet everyday I woke up, worked hard, invested and marketed and months later I can finally see the results.

To succeed in this life you don’t only dig, but you dig deep and in time you will hit the water table.


Till next time

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