Yes We Can Fly is a vision that was established as an answer to God`s call.

Our purpose is to create life-changing opportunities for those who would like to pursue careers in the aviation industry, linking them with affordable training, networking and employment opportunities worldwide.

This is a work in progress and we will never rest until we have satisfactorily led thousands of aviation enthusiasts to the fulfillment of their callings and passions in the world of flight.  

team yadley

  • To do that successfully we can never handle this work alone.
  • We need people like YOU on board our team.
  • Because we believe so much in order and excellence, we will not accept anyone onboard our team who has not been fully trained and inducted in the vision of Yes We Can Fly.
  • Work With US
  • This is why this course has been set up for you, to help you get started.
  • We have literally poured out our entire heart to you in this course and we have tried as much as we can to explain everything for you so that you never get confused. 
  • It is not a course for everyone but only for the very few who believe that a lot can be done to make aviation affordable and accessible to everyone. 

In summary, this course will help you to:

  • Learn more about our Vision
  • Learn how we can grow this vision together
  • Learn our fundamental Customer Service techniques
  • Learn how you can benefit from working with Yes We Can Fly


Disclaimer: Yes We Can Fly is NOT an airline and this course does not guarantee employment in the airline industry. To understand more about what or who we are, please click here


Of course, after successful completion of this course at 90% or above, you will be issued with a beautiful Certificate of Membership in PDF format.  This Membership Certificate will signify that you have gained the knowledge that is necessary to be an effective team member and that you have learned the fundamentals of Yes We Can Fly behavior, problem-solving, decision-making, programs management, and leadership.

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We are an online community that is aimed at giving you unlimited access to short aviation/self-development courses. There is no membership fee required - just have fun, learn for free and enjoy worthwhile connections.

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