Mastering Inflight Catering

Master all the key fundamentals of Inflight Catering. Become a master of inflight food service excellence and learn how you can practice high standards of food safety.

Perfect for Flight Attendants or anyone else interested in the catering industry, this course covers many of the facets of serving food onboard, service techniques, and the types of equipment used in serving food. In addition to that, this course will also help you to:

yadley Understand the business relationship between the catering industry and other industries

yadley Understand the role of food in the airline industry

yadley Understand the safe handling of equipment and food waste

yadley Learn how large catering organizations such as EKFC produce up to 300 000 meals per day

yadley Learn the various techniques that airlines use to maintain a healthy catering cycle

And much more!!


  • The system automatically generates a certificate of completion once you complete all instructional material and pass the exam at 90% or better.
  • You will be able to download a PDF copy of your certificate via your dashboard as well.

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