History of Flight- Learning From The Birds

Although the Wright brothers are almost universally acknowledged as being the ones who invented the airplane, in this course we will take a look at the world of flight even before the Wright brothers came onto the scene.

leornado da vinci by yadley

History is amazing. The dream of human flight did not just begin with man constructing heavier than air machines that were capable of flying. It actually began with the observation of birds soaring through the sky. For countless years, however, progress was retarded by attempts to design aircraft that emulated the beating of a bird’s wings.

how do birds fly

Unlike most other courses we have, this one has a practical component where you will be asked to do some bit of research and get the chance to present your findings in the eyes of the world. You will see how. it’s exciting!

This course answers this question: How were the early inventors influenced by the birds? Are you ready?

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