Fundamentals of The Airline Industry

  • From small feeder airlines to intercontinental giants of the air,  the airline industry has altered the way in which we all live and conduct business.
  • It has helped us shorten travel time and shift our concept of distance, making it possible for us to visit and conduct business in places once considered remote.
  • This very important industry has also increased world trade activity by enabling faster and easier movement of passengers and goods, and in the process providing jobs to millions of people.

types of airlines

  • This course will help you understand the basics of the airline industry – how it started, where it is going, business basics, business challenges, etc.
  • It will also help you to appreciate how much the airline industry offers a bird’s eye view of our planet, and how much it creates vehicles and instruments for the exploration of the universe and the progression of science
At the end of the course will be a 30-minute exam which you will need to pass with a score of 90% or better in order to obtain a certificate

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I`m a Pilot by day and professional Web Designer by night. Currently traveling the world helping individuals and brands achieve their website objectives. I love soft music and learning from aviation enthusiasts like you.

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