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Without a doubt, the internet has become a huge part of our lives. The world is now so heavily dependent on it that it has now become a must for our daily living. The internet allows for massive breakthroughs in human communication, advances scientific studies, helps us transmit graphics, text, and sound etc.


With all these possibilities that the internet has brought before us, you will be surprised to know that not many people fully understand how to use it. 

Actually, a recent study proves that a lot of young people do not really know how even Google works. They just blindly click the first thing that comes up, no matter what it is!

You might be one of those people who really do not understand what a hyperlink is, or how to browse securely on the internet. Don`t be shy, because this course has come as a rescue aid to help you learn the basic skills involved in using the internet effectively.

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Tinashe Yadley

I`m a Pilot by day and professional Web Designer by night. Currently traveling the world helping individuals and brands achieve their website objectives. I love soft music and learning from aviation enthusiasts like you.

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