Careers In Aviation

A course giving you a deeper insight into the many different careers in aviation.

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  • You love airplanes and the smell of jet fuel. You are crazy every time you hear the rumble of a jet passing overhead.
  • One thing is certain: You know this is where you belong, but with aviation being such a wide industry, you are not so sure which field exactly would suit you best.
  • From airport design, manufacturing, engineering, suppliers, MROs (maintenance, repair & overhaul), FBOs (fixed based operators), and flight training, there`s just too much to choose from.
  • Rest assured. This course will give you a clearer picture of some of the many career options that are available in aviation and help you in making a decision on which one suits you.


  • The course takes an average student approximately 1.5 hours to complete including the required exam.

Other course benefits

  • You will learn the different salary benefits of each career path (per annum)
  • You will learn how much time it takes to train in your desired career path
  • Easy to learn, baby steps per each lesson
  • Just one exam presented at the end of the course


  • At the end of the course, there is a required exam.
  • The exam presents multiple random questions from a pool of possible questions. For this course, you must score 80% or better to pass.
  • At the end of the exam, you may review the exam at the question level in order to make the exam correctable to 100%.

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