Airline Duties and Regulations – Study Guide A

Welcome to the Airline Duties and Regulations Quick Review

  • Providing excellent customer service to passengers while ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the flight is the mandate of Flight Attendants.
  • Their duties are numerous – from dealing with security and emergency situations that may arise and also administering first aid to passengers.
  • Such a huge responsibility relies heavily on the comprehensive knowledge of airline regulations.
  • This short review is meant for licensed crew members who are seeking a refresher of their training.
  • It is also perfect for you if are currently in training as a Flight Attendant and is preparing yourself for the qualifying exam
  • This is a quick review of some of the main questions that we are sure will come in your final licensing exam.
  • The review is not time-based and you can practice as many times as you wish till you come up with a pass mark

Flight Attendant Duties

Goals and objectives of this quick review:

We will be reviewing the following main areas:

  • Donating Blood, Scuba Diving, Regulations about alcohol consumption
  • Regulations when wearing a uniform
  • Roles of CAA Cabin Inspectors

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