Cabin Crew Courses

Short courses developed and taught by qualified Cabin Crew and in accordance with specifications from the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO)

A Cabin Crew is a member of an aircrew employed by airlines aboard commercial flights, primarily to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers


You can apply directly to any airline using your High school education. Usually, you will not pay for this training and the airline will train you from zero level and employ you as a Flight Attendant after the successful completion of your training. Whilst this is a possibility, to be honest, it is quite a difficult path. Airlines, especially, African airlines, usually prefer to employ already trained Flight Attendants. So now the question is:

Apart from getting trained by an airline, what is the other option?


You need to be trained by a school that trains Flight Attendants. This training is not free, you will be expected to pay for it. After your training, you will get a license which is what you need to be able to work in an aeroplane. You will then use that license to apply for a Flight Attendant’s job at an airline. This is the common path that most people take nowadays as it is sure to increase your chances of getting hired by an airline.

If you choose Option A  above, we have a dedicated jobs website where we daily post Flight Attendant jobs. Feel free to apply directly to an airline of your choice using the guidelines outlined on each job vacancy. Click the link below to visit the website: