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It hurts me deeply when I see lots of dreams to fly being aborted because of financial hurdles. Our flight schools in Africa are very unfair and are worsening this issue-most of them are monopoly providers without proper regulatory oversight over them. Because they lack transparency too this has resulted in the setting of extremely high flight training fees. The effect of this is market distortion, damage to the commercial viability of aviation, limitation to growth, and unsafe training methods as students take shortcuts. It is against this background that I write so we can encourage each other to rise above our challenges and so that we will not see even a single dream to fly being aborted. As High Flyers money should be the least of our concerns. Even though in the current economic climate funding options are quite limited, let us continue to dream big as we continue to outline the latest scholarship options available:

Jeppesen Flight Training Scholarship
Jeppesen’s commitment to General Aviation includes a pilot flight training scholarship for an
individual working toward a private, recreational or sport pilot certificate or instrument rating.
Funds will be paid directly to your flight school and training is to be completed within one year.
The recipient will be chosen based on their passion for flying, commitment to completing flight
training and two reference letters highlighting the applicant’s character qualities.
Award recipients will also receive Jeppesen’s Online Sport, Private, or Instrument Flight Training
Course to enhance the flight training experience.
(Scholarship value $5,000)

Lt. Valerie Cappelaere Delaney Memorial Scholarship New for 2014
This scholarship is open to a female WAI member over the age of 18 from any country. The
scholarship will be awarded to an individual pursuing a private pilot certificate. Lt Valerie
Cappelaere Delaney lived her lifelong dream of becoming a pilot, flying the EA-6B Prowler for
the U.S. Navy. She was brilliant, strong-willed, determined, and had unwavering faith. The
winner of this scholarship should embody some, if not all, of these characteristics. Scholarship
funds will be paid directly to the candidate’s school of choice and must be used within a year of
receiving this award.

Airbus Leadership Grant
One scholarship will be awarded to a student at the college level of sophomore year or above
who is pursuing a degree in an aviation-related field, who has achieved excellent grades at Ordinary Level Education and who has exhibited leadership potential. All applicants should submit one 500-word essay which addresses their career aspirations and explains how they have exhibited leadership skills.(Scholarship value $5,000)

The Kelsey A. Meyer Memorial Scholarship
The scholarship will be awarded to a female student currently enrolled in an aviation/professional flight degree program at an accredited university who has achieved excellent grades at Ordinary Level education. All scholarship funds must be used for educational and flight related expenses. Funds will be paid directly to the school and must be used within a year of receiving the award. Include in your essay a personal statement outlining your career aspirations and how the funds will be used.

Interested in any of the above scholarships?You can apply via  My desire is to see you fly.But when you make it:

Keep me in remembrance, and shew me kindness I pray and say a good word to Pharaoh for me so I can be out of this prison-Genesis 40:14

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