Former Cabin Crew Academy trainee
Hey guys! Thank you very much for everything, I would really love to meet with you again. When are you coming back to Zimbabwe?

Silibaziso Ndlovu

Former Cabin Crew Academy trainee
May God bless you for all the help given to me during my training. It was such an experience for me!

Rodrick Nago

Class of Spring 2016, Cabin Crew Academy
It was a pleasure learning from you. I really miss you guys and hope that sooner or later we shall meet again. let me know when we can do the AvMed recurrency training so i can prepare well ahead of time. God bless

Etiquette Chihwayi

Former student-Cabin Crew Academy

"Finally my dreams are coming true because of this course. Initially I thought the Cabin Crew course would be very difficult for me, but I discovered that the material  was very easy to understand. I now look forward to soaring the skies like an eagle."


Peter J.T Packer

Front-end Developer
“ I think your system is a flexible & scalable eLearning system. I especially liked the fact that I was able to download my certificate immediately after learning. This is incredible. ”

Thobekhile Chuma

Licensed Flight Attendant
"The time I spent with you guys at Cabin Crew Academy was worth it. I enjoyed the entire Cabin Crew Course and together we were a great family. It was so sad when the course ended and we had to part ways."

D.S Manuel (Junior)

E-Learning Expert
“ In my opinion, your model of providing little to no cost education for the African child is amazing.To be honest with you, I have not as yet such a similar platform anywhere in the world. Thank you ”


High Flyer
“ Yay! I just got my Certificate in Crew Resource Management. I absolutely loved the simple, easy to follow curriculum. Please, can you do courses in Airline Ticketing and Reservation too?”


CEO at Thimpress
“ Copied a thing or two from your site, if you don`t mind. I would rate your website as the best LMS experience ever with super friendly UX and complete eLearning features. Yes Can Fly!”