Behold The New Has Come!

As we are starting the month of June I am celebrating my shop’s 5 month birthday. I am super excited about how far I have come as an entrepreneur. 6 months ago, this was merely a dream, a hope, a wish…but my God showed Himself faithful to me. It’s been a long road I will give you that. In business, especially a start up, 5 months can seem like 5 years. I look back on these last few months, the stresses and disappointments and only now do I see how each challenge was an opportunity for me to “find myself”.Through every trial I got to discover my hidden gifts and strengths. I got to grow and mature intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and most importantly I got to grow as an entrepreneur.

I have been tried and tested and each time I have come out better and better.

Everyday I learn and I am continuing to learn…looking ahead I know 6months down the line I will have an even bigger testimony.
And so to celebrate this birthday I am officially unveiling our new shop location Shop No1, Let Join Building, 3rd Street, Gweru, Zimbabwe and my new online store Tarisai Tara


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