Bad things happen when good men sit and do nothing (Some lessons from faith against opposition)

This morning as I was going through my library I found an ancient letter dated 21 December 1942, directed to the Secretary of Defense in the office of the then U.S President (Please don`t ask how I got that letter). It was written by a very brave man called Gilbert A. Cargill. Attached to this post, you can read it for yourself. But before that let me just give you a summarized background of that letter.
Around the year 1941, the war department of the U.S strongly resisted African Americans participation in aviation and worked hard to prove that blacks could not be trained for the sophisticated task of combat flying. Those colored people who wanted to fly tried all they could to air their views but no one would hear them. Progress was slow, and blacks were still underrepresented in the aviation industry. The legal obstacles would not be removed by those in high level leadership positions. However, one man called Gilbert A. Cargill, an African American, would not be intimated by this fact. Gilbert strongly appealed for equality in aviation training opportunities. He boldly challenged the discrimination of the time and fearlessly confronted even the cabinet of the U.S Presidency. Government officials threatened him but he would not be silenced. This attached letter, is one of his many letters he wrote against this discrimination until finally, blacks were welcomed into the aviation system.

I encourage you to draw inspiration from this man – fear no height, fear no title however big, nor depth, and fear no human threat against your purpose. Instead have faith.

One of my longtime accomplices, Tarisai Tara always says “BAD things happen when GOOD men sit and do nothing.” Instead of you just hiding in a corner and murmuring, complaining that something is not working, stand up and do something about it. I encourage you to boldly confront the evils you see in any system and do not fear any man but have faith that God is with you. If you just sit and let the system rot in its sins, that system tempts God and invites judgment against the leaders in it. Responsibility brings accountability. In the Bible, Amos fearlessly announced that the king of Moab and his officials were all guilty of corruption and would be destroyed, along with their cities. Confront the evils in the system but do it with wisdom and God`s guidance. God expects sinners to listen to you and heed what He says through you. Fear not but have complete faith. Remember:

1. Faith is conscious that God is there, and that His presence is a more powerful force against opposition.
2. Faith recognizes that you are bound to finish the work you have commenced.
3. Faith knows that there is a loving purpose running through every moment of trial, and that every satanic opposition will bow down. Real faith anticipates the moment when you will see what God has foreseen all the time.

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