African Aviation – A Place Where Dreams Come To Die!!


A few days ago, we were having a lunch meeting with fellow African aviators. I should dare say most of these aviators are more of enthusiasts that active aviators as they have gone for long periods of time without as much as smelling a hint of avgas. Reason being?? Well, reasons, why things happen in this part of the world, is a story for another day. 


Back to my lunch with the boys…


We were swapping sob stories about our struggles in pursuit of “wings” and the truth is after that lunch meeting I only have one word to describe African aviation. GRAVEYARD. I know it sounds sombre and negative considering how much I love aviation and have dedicated my life to it.

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But truth be told African aviation is exactly that, a graveyard – A PLACE WHERE DREAMS COME TO DIE.


Being an aviation enthusiast in Africa has led me to a sad observation: Aviation is a very challenging industry to penetrate and not only that, a lot of Africans who once aspired to become pilots or cabin crew are now giving up on it. Most who give up do so because they feel overwhelmed and without mentors and peers to motivate them or point them in the right direction their dreams never go beyond their bedrooms and blankets.

I’ve been asked a lot of questions regarding mentorship and motivation in African aviation and starting today, I am going to be publishing information that I believe will help those who are aspiring to be pilots and cabin crew in Africa.

I am going to share with you lots of information and give you historical insight too that I believe will help every aspiring aviator in their quest to fly.

I believe black or white, God created us with equal opportunities to fly and it’s high time we start creating African oriented opportunities in aviation. It’s high time we learn to find inspiration and motivation in each other.

In my many upcoming posts, I will help answer these questions and more:

  • Who were the black aviators who set the stage? 
    What challenges did they face as they tried to participate in aviation?
    How did they overcome these challenges?

What hope is there for an aviation enthusiast today?

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