A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another Candle

Some time ago in 2009, my flight instructor and I were preparing for a routine flight when a young girl came to us and asked “Guys, I have always dreamt of becoming a pilot. What must I do to qualify?”

My instructor answered quickly, “You need to have a diploma in a Science program and you also need to write and pass 5 psychometric tests to be accepted into a flight school.” The young girl walked away sad.

You don’t need all that complicated stuff to become a pilot. Like my instructor that day, most already accomplished pilots are not willing to share the information they have with those who aspire to be in the positions they are. Can a candle lose anything by lighting another candle? I feel this is wrong. I pray the young girl’s dream was not thwarted by this response from my instructor.

Since that day I vowed to spread the correct information to as many aspiring pilots as I can. I took years to study and gather lots of information on the aviation system so I can share with others who have a dream like me too. I do not claim to be an accomplished aviator, but I claim to have a dream that one day, Africa will rule the skies.

Now I’m presenting this information in the form of an audio Cd to you FREE OF CHARGE. For now, I can only give you information specific to Zimbabwe, then soon by God’s grace, I will generalize the information to address international aspirants. If you are in Zimbabwe and you have questions on how to become a pilot, then this one is for you, FOR FREE! If you get the disc, please do not sell it to someone else but share it freely in love.

We do not lose anything by sharing helpful information. We are complete in Love, we are whole in Love, we are unstoppable in Love, we fly very high altitudes in Love and we embrace God through Love, and everything will be added unto us, pressed down, shaken together and running over. Remember, a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle!

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