4 Questions To Ask Yourself After An Unsuccessful Airline Job Interview

If you are like me and you have been rejected a million times by airlines, then you need to read the following. Have you been recently hit by that common sentence of doom “we regret to inform you that….”? First things first – you need to cheer up. What is currently looking like a failure can pretty much become insignificant if you lick your tears and ask yourself the following four questions.

  1. Am I grateful for this experience?

Be grateful for the chance to have spoken with the interviewer, to have met with other members of the airline and for just the opportunity to learn a little more about this job. Multiple studies have shown that grateful people are more likely to experience higher levels of good health and fitness. The moment you start to appreciate that experience, you begin to stop feeling like a victim but as the owner of your destiny. On that note, think about it, have you written a thank-you note to the interviewer for taking the time to interview you?

  1. What other opportunities are there for me?

Yes, it is true that you wanted to be hired by that particular airline more than any other, but hey with over 5 200 airlines currently flying in the world don’t you think you have countless other opportunities? Every day somewhere there’s an airline recruiting. From cargo, low-fare, boutique airlines to business class airlines, the list is endless. No one in this world has enough power to close the window of opportunity on you. There are infinite other opportunities for you and not so long from now you will meet with yours.

  1. Have I accepted this rejection?

When rejection is accepted in the calmness of mind it works out a manifold ministry in our lives. You need to see this rejection as an opportunity for self-examination and to reveal your inner strength. After all, it is this rejection sometimes that makes us think deeply, long and soberly. Rather than crying and stressing about it, understand that this is your new beginning, a fresh look at the world and yourself.

  1. Whose loss is it?

    This is a very important question to ask yourself – whose loss is it here? Is it the airline`s loss or it’s your loss? Too bad they just lost a gem, a potential asset for the company. Know your value and understand that you are worth way much more than a regular month’s paycheck. If you do not understand how valuable you are then how do you expect others to value you?

  2. Is it the end of the world today?

If the failure continues to nag you one sure way to trick your mind is to fast-forward your life. Think of the bright sun coming out tomorrow, life will go on. Observe what you will think of this  `failure`  a  few years from now. This is a sure way of refocusing that will help you pick yourself up again and march on.

Emotionally detach  from this  failure and  embark on  the next  move.  Refocus, strategize and take on a good cup of coffee. Remember, it`s the airline’s loss, not yours.

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