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35 Success Principles From Aviation Movies

I am not a fan of movies. Maybe it’s just because I rarely have the time to sit down to watch a movie to its full end, but this past weekend I had a great time with a 7 in 1 DVD collection.95% of the movies were aviation themed and I was so inspired by all of them, particularly these ones:

*Men of Honor (a 2000 drama film, starring Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding, Jr )
*Pearl Harbor (a 2001 American epic war film)
*Flyboys (a 2006 American drama/war film set during World War I, starring James Franco)

Whilst I watched (with a bucket of fresh popcorn beside me of course), I took my pen and notebook to action and wrote the following 35 principles of success that I learnt. I want to share them with you. Practice them and you won’t go wrong. If you really want to succeed in life:

1. surprise and delight
2. go the extra mile
3. exceed expectations
4. focus on solutions
5. elevate the conversation
6. challenge assumptions
7. inspire excellence
8. practice integrity
9. raise standards
10. contribute ideas
11. deliver results
12. meet deadlines
13. be accountable
14. take risks
15. ask challenging questions
16. set a good example
17. make everything count
18. think differently
19. solve problems
20. love your customers
21. persevere in spite of obstacles
22. fight for principle
23. showcase your art
24. demonstrate best practices
25. become brilliant on the basics
26. act with urgency
27. initiate ideas
28. honor your commitments
29. keep your promises
29. make good decisions
30. play to your strengths
31. learn from mistakes
32. fail forward
33. take pride in your performance
34. build a legacy
35. seek Godly advice

Practice these principles daily and success will begin to unfold for you.Embrace it with open arms and do everything in your power to dazzle, amaze and exceed every expectation.

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