12 Airline Careers You Can Choose From Today

When most people think of airline careers, the first thought off the top of their head is “pilot or flight attendant”. Whilst pilot and flight attendant careers are the most common and obvious ones, their roles only make sense in light of the many other people on the ground who contribute to the actual day to day running of airlines.

At Yadley.com we are always on the lookout for aviation information that will benefit you. In this two-part series we are going to look at “12 Airline Careers You Can Choose From Today”.

  1. Administrative Support

For any airline to function effectively it requires administrative support staff. Administrative support positions include but are not limited to clerks, receptionists, public relations professionals, human resources personnel, and finance experts.

Airline Careers

  1. Aviation Meteorology

Airline flight dispatchers and pilots need weather information to undertake safe flights. Aviation meteorologists provide them with the necessary information relating to weather forecasts to help in flight planning.

Airline Careers

  1. Avionics Technicians

The word avionics relates to everything electronic in the cockpit. Without functional electronic systems on an airplane, pilots cannot aviate (safely control the airplane), navigate (move from one point to another), and communicate (transmit radio messages). The role of an avionics technician is to troubleshoot, repair, replace, & install avionic equipment.

Airline Careers

  1. Airline Station Agent

    An airline station agent oversees the operations of an airline at an airport. This position entails the coordination of all airline personnel whether ground-based or flight crew.

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  2. Airline Ground Attendant

Airlines have ground attendants for the purposes of helping passengers in the terminal with directions, information relating to terminal services, or meeting the needs of special passengers.

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  1. Crew Scheduling Coordinator

An airline crew scheduling coordinator is responsible assigning all crew member schedules, responding to all crew requests and managing crew movements.

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As you can see, aviation careers go beyond being a pilot or flight attendant. It is also clear, that no one person’s role is more important than another’s as they all compliment each other to ensure, safe takeoffs and landings.

We hope in reading this article choosing the right airline career will become easy, as you are now more informed about all the possibilities aviation has in store for you.

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