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Akonoba Mahmi Kuuma Williams

Tema, Ghana
Hello Yadley! You always inspire and motivate me to relive a dream I had abandoned because I thought it was all over. Whenever I see your posts I am encouraged to believe that it's not too late to start so I'm going to get ready! I will enrol myself in an aviation school and live the life that I have always dreamt of! Thank you very much.
Barbie from Uganda

Nuwagaba Barbie Phillips

Kampala, Uganda
Hello Yadley team,I just like you people so much. Thank you so much for the 25 guide interview questions. I appreciate a lot. Aahm, I would wish to inquire about how I go about if I wish to learn French with you.


Former Cabin Crew Academy trainee
Hey guys! Thank you very much for everything, I would really love to meet with you again. When are you coming back to Zimbabwe?

Silibaziso Ndlovu

Former Cabin Crew Academy trainee
May God bless you for all the help given to me during my training. It was such an experience for me!

Rodrick Nago

Class of Spring 2016, Cabin Crew Academy
It was a pleasure learning from you. I really miss you guys and hope that sooner or later we shall meet again. let me know when we can do the AvMed recurrency training so i can prepare well ahead of time. God bless
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